MemoQ Server 企业版
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MemoQ Server 企业版
包含5个浮动 授权的翻译协助平台,不再有任何隐藏费用。包含全部功能,强大的协作能力,使您可 以按需要发放临时授权,组建项目团队,高效!中文界面即将上线!

memoQ enterprise is a server system that you can easily customize and integrate through its extensive set of web service APIs. You need memoQ enterprise if you want to integrate memoQ with your corporate or third-party systems.

memoQ enterprise offers the same functionality as memoQ serverFive, enriched with programmatic access to functionality through the APIs.

memoQ’s software development kit (SDK) is fully documented with example code in C#. memoQ exposes web service APIs to address the following functionality:

  • Server user management, adding, deleting, querying users
  • Creating new online projects, adding users, documents, and resources such as translation memories and term bases to the project
  • Querying a list of resources such as translation memories and term bases, setting up permissions for resources, importing and exporting resources, creating resources
  • Tracking the progress of online documents, reassigning documents, setting deadlines
  • Exporting and importing bilingual files (memoQ bilingual, XLIFF, bilingual RTF)
  • Performing statistics and pre-translation

Many companies use memoQ enterprise to integrate their own content management or project management systems with a translation resource server.

Companies like XTRF also offer a deep integration with a memoQ server built on the foundations of memoQ enterprise. Using their solutions in conjunction with memoQ, you can buy a system that provides a fully automated workflow and allows project managers to avoid setting up the projects twice - once in the financial/business system and once in the translation system.

These integrated solutions address the needs of language service providers and corporate translation departments and with the combination of two top-notch products they provide the world’s most flexible translation management systems.

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